Day: December 24, 2021

Illinois Prison Inmates Question The Effectiveness Of Medical Visitation

The administration of Illinois state prisons has been under the spotlight over the last several months, after the brutal gang-related prison abuse and homicides at the correction facility in Orleans was in the news for a long time. As the state prepares to execute its plan for saving the state’s prisons, its prisons chief is […]

Illinois Prison Inmates Could Get Paid For Sentencing Credits

Illinois prison is by far one of the busiest in the entire country. The number of inmates has increased dramatically in recent decades, and Illinois as a state is facing serious issues with overcrowding and poor conditions within its prisons. The governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner, has also made his intention to reduce the number […]

Department of Corrections – The Department Of Corrections’ Goal Is To Reduce The Number Of Incarcerated People

In correctional, especially in North America, prison, corrections, correctional, and corrections management are umbrella terms referring to a wide range of roles usually carried out by government departments, usually with the aim of penalizing, rehabilitating, and supervising people who have previously been convicted of crime. It can also include a few roles that are part […]